Friday, November 23, 2012

Cozy Day

Literally, a cozy making day yesterday.
Our Turkey day was a day like any other just a little more laid back.
I sat and crocheted as darkness fell and caught up on all my episodes of Elementary.
Such a good show.

The boy slept and I made jar cozies.
This is the largest one yet.  It looks like a beehive ;)

I did do a little sprucing up around the house and cleaned out toys and clothes to donate to Child Haven for the holidays.  It is an annual tradition here to load up the car with our gently used items and give to those a little less fortunate for the season.

Now that my most beloved time of year has past and Winter is on its way I thought I would share one of my most loved Christmas items.
This lovely vintage book, yes it has a cozy I crocheted to keep it warm on the shelf ;) , "Told Under the Christmas Tree"
the most adorable cover ever!!

Today I will start putting the leaves and turkeys away and start planning the Winter decor.
The porch is already planned, I have to really think of what I want for the inside this year.
After shopping Chicago I got all excited and wished I could bring so much of it home.
A woodsy log cabin cottage feel is what I want.  Stay tuned to see if it happens.


Julie said...

Hi Amy - beautiful crocheted items - LOVE that jar cosy. And your christmas book is a real treasure for sure. Something to be passed on down the generations maybe.
Am really looking forward to seeing your christmas decorating & your porch also. Happy creating my friend :-) Hugs, Julie Xox

Jen said...

I LOVE the idea of these!! The possibilites are endless... you can make these sleeves for wine bottles, candles, vases, coffee cups. GREAT gift ideas ;-)

Happy Friday!!

Kadee @KadeeWillow said...

I, too, love the woodsy theme at the holidays! I'm sure yours will turn out so charming and cozy. Speaking of cozy, your crocheted ones are so sweet. How I would love to learn crochet as everything that I see that has that as an adornment, just captures my heart! And to think as a kid I "poo-poo'd" it!! Silly me!