Tuesday, November 20, 2012


What a whirlwind of a trip.
It still seems unreal that I even went.
Everyday went by so fast and so much fun was had.

I loved the walking everywhere and seeing the city in the Fall.
The colors and crispness of the streets...sigh.

The shopping is always amazing.
I stopped first in my sisters Dethrose Studio to do a private shopping spree.
Got this amazing Navajo Jacket...so many people stopped me and asked where I found it.
Then it was on to dancing til 2:30 am at the infamous Neo.
Man, what a great place for people watching.

The following day was a ton of shopping from 11 am til 10 pm we shopped.
We shopped new, vintage and antique. I covered all my bases.

We wrapped up the weekend by doing Vintage Heaven.   A cool vintage sale with some amazing vendors.

Just waking up each morning with this as my view was so amazing.
I miss this city so much and would love to live and raise my son in a place were people are still kind to one another and have mid-west values.  The neighborhood parks on every other corner called my name.  I just had visions of my son really enjoying this lifestyle of fresh air and other children out playing.   Living in a flat such as this...
Maybe one day life will change and get us out of the desert.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home. I hope you didn't miss all the cool weather. Maybe you and brooklyn can come by and see us next week.

Gail Thayer said...

Oh happy happy day! Looks sublime, I so wish you could raise your adorable son there as well....it looks perfect!
Heck, maybe I could be raised there too.....;).

Julie said...

Hello Amy - Gosh I did miss your posts while you were away & thought of you everyday & hoped you were having a great time!!! Sounds like you sure did!!!
That view each morning looks amazing. What an incredible city Chicago sounds. Yes I can just imagine Little B playing in those parks. Am so pleased you had an amazing time but so good to have you back again too :-) Big Hugs, Julie Xoxo (look forward to seeing some of your vintage purchases in future) Xx

Diana Mieczan said...

Awww...I love that jacket and your tights are simply awesome. So happy that you had a wonderful time, sweetie. Muah

Rhonda said...

LOVE THIS POST...I still cannot believe I LEFT THIS city for the dessert.

UGH - oh well, I had many good years living in that city. My best memories are from Chicago.

Snow, yes, snow is why I left...now I remember...LOL

Ah, Neo, my favorite club...girl, you did everything fun.