Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dear Santa

Today is overcast and a perfect cloudy day to sit with the twinkle lights on and write our Christmas cards.
Brooklyn is busy writing his letter to Santa...good thing Santa reads all languages :)

After writing his letter he yelled Hurry Hurry Mailman...ran to the front door and slid his letter into the crate on the front porch thinking it was the mailbox.

I will go out later and remove it so he thinks the mailman came to get it.

Remember to stop by tomorrow for the Handmade from the Heart Giveaway :)

...Off to put our real cards in the real Mailbox


Emma said...

Well Brooklyn certainly seems to know what he'd like from Santa doesn't he, look at that determined wee face!

I always loved posting our letters to Santa when we were little. We don't have individual mail boxes in the UK so the postman had to take them away, I can't imagine how many letters they had to pretend to deliver for the little ones!

I hope Santa's shopping goes well :) x

Rhonda said...

Adorable - you capture the Christmas spirit so well. Little ones writing to Santa...I cannot think of anything cuter.

Julie said...

Look at that little face in photo 2 - the concentration on it "um what else shall I ask Santa for..." that is priceless Amy. Dont forget to keep his little notes to give back to him when hes all grown up. I have a stash from my boys - they just laugh at me when I haul them out but I notice they do go through them & reminisce, Hugs, Julie Xox

Petite Michelle Louise said...

soooo cute!!! gosh i miss those days!!

Lynn Richards said...

Look at the determination in that face-no wonder he had a nap in the car later!!!!!!!!