Thursday, December 13, 2012

Breakfast in Bed

It is a blustery morning, dark grey are the clouds outside.
The screen doors are rattling and leaves rustling.
I turn the lights on for a warm glow to the bedroom.

Child is sleepy eyed and eating breakfast in bed while watching cartoons on tv.

The butterball is curled in the covers, heavy headed and as if to say 10 more minutes mom.

Our morning starts slow but I need to get going.
Child on bus, me to get coffee.
Coffee kick in please, I need to tackle a mess of  a studio today ;)

Wish me luck.


Julie said...

There is something very special about those little early morning blurry eyed faces of children with their hair all messed up.
There is also something very special about a cat tucked up all happy "Do Not Disturb."
I LOVE your curtains & have got a crink in my neck peering at the screen trying to look closer at them!!! Hugs, Julie :-)

Melissa Blake said...

Aww, aren't cats so cute?

Kimberly said...

Every time I see pics of Brooklyn it makes me think of my Athabaskan ( Alaskan Indian) friend and how he must have looked when he was little. I should send you a pic.

Ricki Treleaven said...

LOL great minds think alike....I took photos of Bonnie curled up in our bed, and she wasn't moving was 29 degrees, and she was cold!

Rhonda said...

So cozy and warm. The rain is here now. I got a lot of shopping done yesterday. Woo hoo, now its wrapping time.

Good luck on the studio.

Diana Mieczan said...

Your Brooklyn is the cutest boy:) Hope everything will be ok, darling. Thinking of you. xoxo