Sunday, December 9, 2012

Baby Steps

When the child of the house is quiet it is sometimes scary to find why...

As he sat in our dining room with just a low lamp on, he was in the christmas spirit.

I had laid out some construction paper, glue and scissors out for our friends that had stopped by earlier in the day to make a little something while me and their mom chatted.

Well anyway,  my son decided he would do it all on his own.

It was the sweetest thing to walk in and see him putting one dot of glue on all the little circles that had been cut for ornaments.  He cut his own tree out with his scissors and knew just where to place the star.
He was quiet and had such focus on what he was doing.

As I backed up and took this picture, I noticed his little feet folded underneath him.

I love pictures of his feet and had to make sure I got a close up of this.

It is these moments that I love capturing.  He is turning 4 tomorrow and it has been a Loooong year for him. We are learning baby steps are best,  maybe one day I will share with all of you our personal story we are experiencing but for now,  he is turning 4 and we are grateful for that!


Rhonda said...

what a precious post, Amy. Sweet and from your heart. What an incredible son - he has his mommie's passion.

Kimberly said...

Happy birthday dear boy! What an adorable photo, mind if I pin it with a link?
How sweet to see his focus and self direction, it must have really warmed your heart.
Bless you and happy anniversary of motherhood too!

Julie said...

Beautiful photos Amy - cherish those moments as I know you do - to record them on film is wonderful.
Happy birthday for tomorrow lovely little precious boy - goodness me - 4 already.
Baby steps are just fine Amy - they still get you there in the end. Hugs, Julie :-)

Lynn Richards said...

looooovvveeee the photo of the feet. nothing better!!! Amy, it's been quite a year. You and Rudy need to celebrate BIG on B's birthday!!!!!! You are amazing parents with so much love for your son...So cool to see him doing his tree-great work!

Gail Thayer said...

Happy birthday to sweet Brooklyn! Love your photos, how very sweet......

Ricki Treleaven said...

That's really pretty darn good developmentally....especially for a boy! (not that I'm sexist, but boys don't usually develop fine motor skills as quickly as girls. I love the little feet...such a sweet photo!