Friday, December 28, 2012

A Day

Today a normal day for most, became my holiday.

Finally a day of being at home

A day of tinkering and cleaning, organizing and refreshing.

A day of jammies and no shower

A day of watching VH1 countdowns, with hubby next to me under the soft lights of my studio

A day of clashing heads with hubby on little redo's in said studio :/

A day of child playing until he can't possibly play anymore and falls fast asleep to dreamland

A day of texting and laughing with friends and family

A day of catching up with friends via email

Now, A day has turned to A night,

Dinner is being made as the house is so quiet you could hear a pin drop, so dark and lit with softest of light from candles that smell of heavenly pumpkin spice.  It has been forever since being able to spend a day like this, Lets do it all again tomorrow, except I think I will throw a shower back into the mix ;()


Gail Thayer said...

Sounds about perfect to me! Better than standing in line at Game Stop because you promised your Transformers-obsessed dd that you would so she could spend her new gift cards in there.......but it was worth it and she's worth it!!

Julie said...

Just dropping by to say Hello Amy. Your day sounds Oh So perfect to me right about now. And the pumpkin spice candles - yummy!! It is sooo hot here & we have been trying to do outside chores but we are struggling. Thinking of you creating in your studio :-)
Laughing about you "clashing heads with hubby on little redos in studio !!!" Can relate to that.
Have a wonderful New Year - love across the miles, Julie Xox

Susan deGeneres said...

A lovely day, a peaceful night: bliss. Throw in a hot shower and its like heaven on earth. Sweet dreams my friend.
Hugs, Susan

Anonymous said...

Oh Amy, what an absolute perfect day!! And even more so with Rudy home!!! I hope you have an even more fantastic day tomorrow!! It is much deserved my friend!!

Kimberly said...

Glad you are getting some R & R and it sounds like you're getting a good grounding balance with your day.
I'm glad I'm not the only headclasher here.
I;m glad that peace is restored.
xoxo Kim
PS, The dollies need your address for their new home!

artistic rejuvenations said...

ha. just found you. lots of love and laughter and happy new year!