Thursday, December 27, 2012

Shop is Open

After some downtime for the Christmas season my SHOP is reopen!
I am adding new vintage goodies everyday and some Art as well.

These book dolls are part of my all time favorite art collection.
They showed here in Vegas at a Gallery and I have them back and up for sale.

They are called Mended Heart Dolls.  Made from all vintage findings and parts.
The little bindings in front are from the 1930's, found in a vintage sewing supply box where the lady saved every bit of thread and wrapped them around tissues and newspaper bundles.  It was quite an amazing find from the depression era where they cherished every little part of life given to them.
Too bad we have lost that importance nowadays of loving what we have and using it down to the last inch.
I think these dolls represent to use all we have to make life new again.

I am also adding lots of vintage again.
Little boxes

Glasses collections

Tape Measures and folding ruler collections

Hope you can stop in and look around

1 comment:

Tanya from Dans le Townhouse said...

Yay for the shop!! Hope you sell ALL the things. Looks great so far - love the dolls. They are definitely original and really sweet.

Haha, thanks for reminding me about the Aquincum cat. Hubs recommended the addition because the city is cat-free, and I totally forgot about the drooling bundle of stray I cuddled because we weren't in the city proper. I've changed the post, with a shout out to your awesome memory!! Can I please borrow some?