Sunday, January 1, 2012

More with my Studio

Curtains are coming together, I still want to add a bit more, its just not quite full enough yet ;)
The paper swag now holds the rusted chandi,
and I added a few picture frames that were in the closet, strung with vintage letters.Oh, that bed just can't get here fast enough.
Hopefully it will be here by Tuesday otherwise I just might burst.


My Beautiful World said...

Just love what you have made here looks so beautiful. Sending you the Happiest New Year Wishes Ever my friend. I look forward to many more wonderful visits with you in 2012 xo

Always Wendy

rkbsnana said...

What cute little dollies under the window. Looking good.

Rhonda said...

I know how you feel, when you want it, you WANT IT. LOL

Amy, those curtains are wonderful!
Your sweet little Blythe dolls are such a contrast and it works!

Let me know when the bed arrives. :)

JunqueMagnet said...

LOVE those LaLas!! They are sew creative and so are you! Smiles.