Monday, January 9, 2012


It seems I can't catch a break in the art world.
So far, in just a short start into this New Year...
I have been turned away by local businesses to support my "Art"
My reviews for the new ideas for my show are dismal, gives me doubt of why am I even doing this.
Yet, ideas I come up with, are given recognition when stolen by other "artists" and full praise of their talents are shouted by the masses.
I feel I have just been punched in the stomach today.
My fingers are shaking by just trying to type this today.

I try to be as positive as a person as possible but today is making this very hard to do.

There is much more going on with my friends that is really puts life into perspective and knowing how lucky I do have things. This is not a post seeking praise, I am just typing out loud today.
I know, you have to go thru a lot of, well I will be nice and say CRAP, being knocked down only makes us stronger...right?
And maybe tomorrow will be a brighter day but as for right now its looking pretty cloudy.