Friday, January 6, 2012

Be A Doll and....

Okay, after remembering some breathing exercises they taught me in the hospital after my surgeries I put them to use and what do you know, it worked. My chest is already feeling less constricted but the mean migraine is still in the back of my head.
Getting old sucks...
Here is the painted project I was working on before feeling ill.
I realized that I need to practice my cursive, lol
But it is kinda hard to paint on folded book pages that flow into the edges of the paper.
plus I am not a painter, never could hold a paint brush right to get the nice strokes.
Hmm, maybe it works better for a righty, huh?
Well, I really thought it would look cute done in glittery pink but it didn't show well so back to black I went.
I am rather happy with the way it turned out.

All you need is a book
tear out the pages fold in half
sew together in a banner like style across the top layering each folded page about half way
Pencil down the saying you like
then go over in a cursive writing with your choice of paint.
I choose Martha Stewart Paints from Michaels.
Hang with clear thumb tacks and Voila' instant decor for you home or studio.
I will try to hang some ribbon around or tinsel maybe to dress it more, we'll see, I kinda like it just as it is.
I will try to get better pictures in the morning light tomorrow

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Sophie's Mom said...

how genius! love it! I have to say I'm lovin' a tutorial from you.

So happy you feel better. xo R