Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Stripped Down

Just being SILLY
Us in our jammies, no makeup, no hair did ;)

He always acts to a camera and loves taking pics of himself.
A silly summer evening,  remembering to just be ourselves, enjoying life as it naturally is.


Kimberly Rogers said...

Beautiful. How nice to see you guys relaxing and enjoying your moments. What a ham he is, obviously some joy in that boy!

Kimberly Rogers said...

I should say "what a pear/pair" Look at that pear perched atop your head! If that's not getting your hair did I don't know what is!

rudy said...

NERDS !!!!

Julie said...

Oh Amy - they are GREAT pics!!! All of them, I have always thought he looked so much like his Daddy but I can see he looks like you in these pics too :-) And I ADORE the hanging toy in the background with wings!!!! (squinting in real close to the screen to get a better looksy!!!)

Rhonda said...

Your post made me smile just when I needed it. Tough day but I'm home and enjoying catching up with my friends.
Just a few more days...wink wink