Sunday, June 9, 2013


The heat is on high here in the desert and that means summer has hit and we are not going outdoors.
Time to get out the craft bucket and spend time indoors.

The boy sat this morning as the sun was flowing in the kitchen windows and strung beads to make me a necklace.  As he finished he was so excited to show me, that he held the wrong end of the string and the beads hit the floor :(

As for me it is cleaning day but I will find a bit of time to crochet on my afghan.  I sat yesterday evening for 3 hours and got another 5 inches added on.
Slowly but surely I will finish it.  If this heat keeps up I will finish by the end of the month.

More time will be spent reading books and visiting the library aka barnes and noble.  Sad that this is what my son knows as a library since our real libraries have closed their doors.
But hey, books are books and I love that he asks to go to the "library" and read for 2 hour blocks. 

As for the rest of our week,  it will be a long one of dr's visits, school enrollment and new carpet being laid.  Here is to the heat letting up just a bit so we can breathe thru it all :)
Happy Sunday


Rhonda said...

Sigh,yes, the heat is here to stay. I've been living at our pool. It feels great!

I was so excited to get your text with the congrats to my Blackhawks win last night! Thank you so much!

Julie said...

Your afghan is looking great Amy - you have made heaps of progress by the look :-)
Its hard to get my head around your heat when I have just lit the fire here, carted wood inside & am waiting for the house to warm up.
Good luck for your busy week ahead x0x

Laurie said...

your afghan is beautiful, its hard for me to comprehend heat like that, our temps rarely hit 80, keep cool!Will it ever cool enough to use that afghan?

Diana Mieczan said...

So true, books are book:) Btw: I really love your afghan. It looks beautiful! Happy Monday, love.