Saturday, June 22, 2013

French Blue Antique Duvet Cover

Oh I am so comforted by all the emails and comments left for our family.
Thank you.  You all have a great ear and kind heart.

My internet is back and so am I better than ever.
Turns out when they were here working on our direct tv, the men left our router on the carpet and it burnt out.  Surprisingly it didn't cause a fire.

Thank goodness my hubby knows how to do all this computer stuff, otherwise I would be lost.

Okay okay on to the french blue goodness...

As you know we are facing a long battle of care for my son.  Nothing else matters in life but him and these things I have collected are the first things to go to help with his education and therapist costs.

I have this amazing euro-french duvet cover, all cotton and soft as can be.  It fits a euro size bedding which is just the top of a twin, it lays on top not draping over.  I did put a down alternative size twin duvet in and it scrunched in just fine.
It has gorgeous fabric covered buttons and is made with amazing talent from the early 1930's  when I purchased it was found in France never to have been used.  I did have it on display in my studio but never slept on.

It is perfect condition, no holes, no stains, no imperfections.

It is all COTTON
Washes up so nice and with each wash and dry it gets softer.

Perfect for a day bed in a french blue home

If you are interested it is $80 free shipping to the USA
Just email me at
or leave me a comment.
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Simply Me said...

I love the pretty duvet!!!

Rhonda said...

You know, this duvet would look so good on a white summer cot for the yard or porch. It's beautiful!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

your strength and determination is matched by your love for your son.....SO inspiring....

Gail Thayer said...

Stunning duvet! I've always loved the european ones, so very pretty!