Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday, New Carpet Day

It has been an extremely long week.
I am glad to see it is Friday.
Today my house is torn up.  It feels like we are moving but no, we are just getting new carpet thru half of the house.  We really wanted hardwood to match our downstairs, but with all the cutbacks to companies they discontinued our wood flooring.  I didn't want a patchwork look to the house so we opted to get more carpet.  Our carpet is, nix that, was white.  Ohhh why do new homes go with white carpet in the land of dust and desert.  It was awful to keep fresh.  I will be so happy to see it go after 6 years of steaming and scrubbing and no results.  We are replacing it with a soft, lush, twist carpet.
A nice mulit-color fiber that will disguise the wear and tear better.  But the new rule NO SHOES IN THE HOUSE!!!! 

The bedroom looks so eery and strange.  I am really hoping the new carpet will look great.

These are the befores and tomorrow I will have the afters.
Today the family, cats and all, will be forced to stay downstairs all day while the men work upstairs.

I guess it is a good thing to have it all torn apart.  This way I can refresh and reorganize as it all gets put back.

Now out to get some breakfast before the work crew shows up.

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Julie said...

Oohh Amy that is exciting. Yes it can be such an upheaval but the end result will be wonderful. And yes you get to refresh & reorganise as you put things back. Gosh you have had such a busy week. Cant wait to see the "afters". Julie x0x