Friday, December 30, 2011

Slight Progress

*Sorry for the grainy pictures, I used my phone with bad lighting....

Well, I got the slip wall completed for now.
I will add more and more as the months go on and I can find more vintage slips.
Hopefully my sister will find some estate saling in Chicago for me ;)
I got these gorgeous mercury oversized beads at Anthropologie yesterday. Can you believe that they were $48 marked down to $12!!!! YAY!
I just love what they do for the space.
The mirror is up, I was going to put it over the slips but I like it peeking thru better.

Not all went well today, I had a shelf collapse and so that makes me have to rethink some things.
There is no putting it back together, it really was a piece of junk.
This leaves me without some storage so I will either have to downsize even more stuff or find some new hiding spots.
I have really put myself on a budget for this makeover, I only want to spend the money on the bed and bedding and work with what I have in the other areas.
This is what I have left to work with! UGH. There is a long way to go but I have more tricks up my sleeve.
It really will start to come together once the bed goes in.
More fun tomorrow will be had. I really do love moving things around and freshening the house.
It really makes me realize that I DO have way too much stuff and need to part with about half of what this room holds. Boy, I wish this area had a flea. I could really use one to unload stuff.


Linda said...

That slip wall is so fun...I love vintage lingerie! And if you could see my studio, you would think yours is in great shape lol! It looks like a great space! You are getting me inspired...Its my goal to have it usable in the near future!

Rhonda said...

Why are good flea markets so hard to find in the west? California, our neighbor, has them. Come on now!

Totally love those beads from Anthro.
I cannot wait to see the room when you are finished.

Gail said...

Well my friend, I could take some of that awesome stuff off your hands, but that would be WRONG! I have too much too, and will soon be in my own studio re-arranging and organizing.....then selling off what I don't need.
So I'm in the same messy boat that you are!
Can't wait to see your finished room in all it's awesome-ness!

rkbsnana said...

Well, what do you know...a slip wall. Maybe we could do a slip curtain treatment as well. Happy New Year to you and yours.