Thursday, December 15, 2011

Journal of a Shopkeeper

The history this amazing journal holds is a treat.
Starting in 1948, every entry handwritten. Her hand was shaky and just got more shaky as the years went on until 1969.
It is so cool to flip through this and see the names, purchases, bills, amounts.
personal history is dated.
Definitely one of the most interesting handwritten pieces I have ever found.
This is why I love paper and pencil, it is just so cool to be able to leave something from your life for others to discover and read through. Wondering, who was this person?
I have really been talking about journals a lot these week.
Maybe because the New Year is coming and it is time to write new dreams and goals...
I am so excited that my friend Lynn blogged about her art fair and I spied her journal she had out for people to sign. I immediately contacted her asking if they were for sale. I will be receiving a wonderful handaltered and handmade journal soon from her that I just can't wait to fill.

I know some of you have stated you prefer to use the computer to journal because of the hand hurting the written journal brings. I completely understand that, my hand cramps so bad just after writing a few cards to friends. But, I think about the 100 years from now that some young girl will find my handwritten journals, not to mention how rare it will be to find any handwriting, and get just as giddy as I do when finding history of others lives.
All those texts and computer entries will be lost and forgotten, a little slip of paper will keep ;)


Alabaster Rose Designs said...

I always love writing in a journal. I'm with you, I think it's so important to have things written down for generations to come. I can't wait to see your new altered journal.
Have a great day Amy.

NuminosityBeads said...

All of my journals from my young adult years seemed to talk about nothing but men, Perhaps I ought to take it up again because art has taken over now that I'm almost grown up.
xoxo Kim

Susan said...

Oh, I agree Amy. Nothing compares to the handwritten word. It is beautiful and irreplaceable.
I always write out all my Christmas cards with personal notes even though 95% of the cards we receive are pre-printed photo cards. I'm glad there are folks out there that appreciate hand-written notes like I do!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

that journal is priceless! a glimpse into someone's life...history...a one-of-a-kind. i too love the handwritten word. it is slowly becoming a thing of the past. very sad.

rkbsnana said...

I too love the written word but I fear soon no one will be able to read cursive writing

Lynn Richards said...

Amy, this is stunning. What an amazing treasure!! I found an old Bible with notes that spanned 20 years in all the margins. I think it's so fascinating to read. Your journal is on it's way, I hope you enjoy filling each page!

Rhonda said...

I kept a journal while in Paris this year. I haven't looked at it since then because I want to make a nice cup of cocoa and grab a blanket and curl up and read it soon.

Journals are priceless! You can hold them in your hands. Online journals could be zapped from us at any time.
I cringe at that thought.