Friday, December 23, 2011

Take Good Care of This MOMENT #4

I can't believe it is the Friday before Christmas, where did this month go?
It is Friday and time to join Lynn for "Take good care of this moment"
My moment just came to me, about an hour ago, yes 5 am my cat was knocking at my bedroom door. He does this to let me know it is time for treats or he will settle for cat food if he must.
But he doesn't stop knocking and it continues to get louder and louder the longer I ignore him.
So here I am up at 5 am, cat fed, baby sleeping, house silent.
I am sitting here in the dark, curled up in bed next to my sleeping child when all of the sudden I hear baby is sleeping and dreaming away with laughter and a smile upon his face.
I catch him doing this every little bit. It is the cutest thing to witness.a giggle and a sweet smile in the sound sleep. What must he be dreaming??
I wonder what it is that is going thru his head and can't wait for one day that he finally begins to talk to tell me what it is when he wakes.
This is something I would have missed if not for a hungry fat cat knocking at my door.Please join Lynn and share a moment or just take in all the moments others have lived this week.


Petite Michelle Louise said...

a precious moment in time indeed! how serendipitous that you were able to catch it on film.....preserved forever not only in a photograph but in your heart as well. how sweet! sigh....

Sue said...

Wow, every time I see your cat, she is SO big with such a tiny head! I ended up with one of my son's ex-girlfriends cats, Miss Precious! Yes, that was her name, and she was a good sized Mama too!! Brooklyn looks so sweet. I love watching my little ones sleep, my favorite time!!

Happy Holidays, Sue

Lynn Richards said...

oh, Amy,
I can just feel it. Snuggly, favorite smells. I often tell brenna when she wakes up and we snuggle she smells like: pillows, blankies, sleep and sweet dreams.
How beautiful that your son has laughter in his dreams. So amazing that you were able to catch this moment.

hannahstiff said...

I love when I catch my little 5-month-old daughter smiling and laughing in her sleep. It's so sweet and innocent and precious! Even when I realize I'm missing sleep just to watch her:) Anyways... just found your blog and I love it. So endearing! I Just started following. Stop by, say hi and follow back if you feel compelled. XO and happy Friday!

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Kate said...

Merry Christmas to you & the family Amy Thank you so very much for the card. Love seeing that precious little boy. Beautiful moment to share.


blue roses said...

wow, absolutely too precious!

Dethrose Vintage said...

Oh my god I wanna just scoop him up! February can not come fast enough!

Rhonda said...

oooh, so sweet, Amy! Your cat is the biggest cat I've ever seen..LOL