Friday, December 9, 2011

Take Good Care of This MOMENT #2

Once again it is Friday and time to Join Lynn for Take Good Care of This Moment.
Its to make us stop and reflect on a moment in our lives.
Honestly, this week went by so fast and full of everyday that I almost forgot to take a moment in...until I read Lynn's post today. She has a way of making me stop and realize how important it is to just make time for ourselves as busy moms.
So today will be my take care of this moment.
I...a grown women will sit and enjoy a long lost love of my life, yes a doll.
As the boys put together B's new big boy bed, I will be in my studio setting a new home for my new/old doll.
Many years ago, before he was my husband, my loving boyfriend bought me a rare and unique doll. She was Blythe...when we moved she was boxed and put in my mom's basement and when I went home to get her 4 years ago, she was gone!
This week, I found a replacement, the cousin/sister to blythe but at much more affordable prices.
She came to live with me yesterday and I love her. She may not be blythe but she darn well fits as mom to my little blythes....Shhhh don't tell them.So I will take care of this moment in life of reflection, its not about what we had but about what life brings us today. Enjoy each new fresh day of your life.
Please join Lynn and read some inspiring moments of life.


Diana Mieczan said...

That is such a fantastic inspiration, sweetie and that doll is stunning:) Enjoy your day and see you soon:) Muah

Lynn Richards said...

Isn't it so amazing what brings us comfort? Especially as we see our little ones take the next step forward in their growth. I know this Blythe will find a very special place in your sweet studio.
Thanks for sharing your moment, Amy!

We Three 3 said...

Hi, I'm linking up with Lynn too and glad to see what you're saying today. Those dolls are really amazing! So glad you found a replacement!Take Care and Happy Friday:) FranT

Anna said...

Hey little girl,
We need to talk about this whole pinning thing! I just went to peruse your boards, and they're blank!

Preziosa said...


Rhonda said...

Sounds to me that you married the right boyfriend! Awe...such a great story..I just love your stories.