Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dear Santa

Well, December is here and we have started our decorating.
But before that started, Santa letters had to be sent out.
We stopped at Macy's and my son sat down to write his letter for Santa.
It is so cool how they have a desk and mailbox for you to sit and write a letter.
It was the sweetest thing to get to see my son put this letter in the box.

He just couldn't figure out where it had gone once he put it in the slot.

Then it was on to the decorating...this year the theme is Candy Canes.
It is all red and white. I was inspired by the Stockings at West Elm
We did all things childlike this year, as a family we sat and made ring after paper ring.B really got a kick out this and was trying to glue and hang with us. Almost all our ornaments this year are red and white and B's artwork. He made snowflakes, stockings and gingerbread men.I filled in with these cute little felted mushrooms, found at pier 1, and then all of my handmade ones from years and years ago. Even though made 8-9 years ago they still fit with our theme of Candy Canes this year.After the inside was finished, it was on to the outside.
My husband did and over the top job this year to make my son super happy.
The trees are filled with lights all the way to the tip top...the bushes glisten and the porch and banisters are all wrapped in pine needle garlands and wood beads with bows and lights.
I love being able to walk down our staircase inside and see the tall tree outside our windows shining.It is just even more wonderful with the way our days have been around here lately.
It is COLD, dark and very wintery outside. I think I got my Christmas gift already....wonderful winter weather in the desert.


Rhonda said...

So, so Christmas gorgeous! Sweet decorations and what I wouldn't give for your dress form! I forgot you had one with the cage on the bottom. Mine does not. :(

Yes, it's cold and dreary here, too.
I'm cold and lovin' it!

rkbsnana said...

So sweet

Yola Thorp said...


Old Paper Roses said...

Your christmas decorations look so so sweet!!
Love that it is all handmade by you and your family.
Looks so pretty

Hugs Michelle

Dethrose Vintage said...

I wish you & the fam could come here for Christmas! I love the candy cane theme!

Lidiya said...

Adorable photos, definitely put me in the mood for Christmas <3

Gail said...

What a sweet post Amy! Even though my dd is 11 now she still believes!! We're also going into Macy's to pen a letter to the big your photos of your little looking to see where his letter went....priceless!
Also love your decorating theme, you can definitely get away with it when they're small...have fun!

Diana Mieczan said...

Ohhh he is so sweet and I adore all those photos. You did such a great job with decorating your home. It looks totally stunning, darling. Muah

Patrick said...

So pretty. Im late getting my decorations up. Now I'm gonna do it before this weekend comes.