Friday, December 16, 2011

Take Good Care of This MOMENT 3

Can you believe it is Friday already??
Time to link up with Lynn for Take Good Care of this Moment.

My moment this week was brought on by the holiday rush.
We headed out Wednesday for my morning coffee, just as I always do, when pulling into Starbucks there was a traffic jam. No cars moving, no place to park and the line coming out the door.
I quickly said "forget this" and off we went to the next Starbucks, with a drive-thru. Upon approaching it I see the same situation going on. The drive thru was backed so far up it wasn't even funny. I realized, ugh, it is Christmas. Why is it that everybody and their mothers want Starbucks just at Christmas time???? But this is ridiculous for a Wednesday late morning.
After sitting for what seemed like an hour but was 25 minutes later I finally got my coffee and it was the wrong drink...patience was given to me at this point. I took this as a sign, it is time to go hide away some where. But where, where can you get away from a crowd in this crazy town during the holidays....Ah yes, the library.We headed there and with a sigh of relief, just as I had suspected, not a soul in the place.
B had the play area all to himself and I had the glider all to mine. I sat in the quiet, peaceful corner gliding away and sipping on my coffee. I thought, "why don't we do this more often?"
I can sit, sip coffee, read and glide while B plays with learning toys and sits to read a book in between.
I just love how he sits and crosses his feet when he is so in to reading

This was the best moment of my week. While everyone else is out fighting for the last of this or that...we sat, happy and at peace with the season.

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Fallon said...

relaxing for you and fun for him AND its free! score!

Lynn Richards said...

Oh, Amy!! This is such a treasure!!!!! What a cool library-I've never seen one like that. Maybe if we had one like that here, Brenna would like it better?
So glad the two of you had that time in the midst of the mayhem.

Rhonda said...

This is a great post and it made me laugh at your comment "everybody and their mother" funny. I guess that's our midwest coming out, I haven't heard that phrase in so long. Thank you, you made me smile.

Yes, the library, peace and quiet. Go often and relax - that desk lady will make sure there is no noise.

Gail said...

How cute with his little feet crossed reading !! Yeah take time to stop and smell the roses...I sooo agree ! Gail x

Anonymous said...

Love it!!! What library is that?