Saturday, November 19, 2011

Whatcha Up To

I am making my list,
Don't you love making lists...or is it only me. Just another reason of why I have 20,000 journals laying around the house.
Todays To Do List,

Coffee, Coffee is a must to start the day (DONE)
Finish Scarf for friend(DONE)
Make 2 paper garland orders(DONE)
List new Paper Bow Garland on Etsy(DONE)
Start Menu for Thanksgiving(DONE)
Fold and put away Laundry...putting away is the hard part(DONE...AND PUT AWAY ;)
Vacuum Studio(DONE)

I know there will be more added to it as the day goes on but I love checking off the things I finish as the day goes.
So, Whatcha up to today, do you have a list for your Sunday?
Well, it was a close call but at 11:47 pm I finished my list :)


rkbsnana said...

I like making lists as well but love marking items off my list. (Some get marked off...some do not)

Rhonda said...

Coffee, yes, coffee is #1

Finish what I started yesterday, lol
Petite matchboxes
A custom order
Tin ornaments
List on etsy what gets finished

For now I'm catching up on blog reading and if I get off this laptop I will accomplish more, right?

Have a great Sunday!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

GIRL..i have a list that i started when i learned how to WRITE! LOL! ;) what would i DO without it?? My list today?

1. drive mum and sis to airport... DONE
2. hit a flea market on the way home...DONE
3. make calzone, cookies and apple crisp for son to take back to school...DONE
4. bring up the laundry....DONE (forget about putting it away! yuck!)
5. re-heat chinese food for dinner ...DONE
5. get caught up on blog reading the process
6. watch The Amazing Race while putting some finishing touches on new ETSY listings
7. go to bed!!! (can't wait)

have a great evening sista!