Saturday, November 26, 2011

Super Sale Saturday

Two reasons to shop today.
1. Small Business Saturday, Support the small businesses in your area or online.
2. Big Sale in my Vintage Shop 25% off everything, even the new listings :)

The leftovers are gone and it is time to hit the grocery for food.
We have been so busy having fun, building forts and drawing pictures.My son is not even 3 yet and is showing such great talent for his love of drawing
Here are a few of his pictures of his favorite Yo Gabba Gabba Characters.
What do you think? I put the character next to the drawing for ya'll to see the likeness
The rest of the weekend will be spent cleaning this home. Ugh, how do things get so crazy after just two days of taking it easy ;(
I hope to fit in some more time to do a little Christmas decorating as I put away the fall decor
I can't believe that fall is gone and we are on to winter...why does the summer last so long and my favorite time of year flies by in the blink of an eye.
Our neighbors already have all their Christmas lights up and B loves to open our front door to see them. They have a huge frosted glowing snowman that he can't get enough of.


Rhonda said...

Awe and Awe again. B sure has talent, you are so right. I smiled so big looking at his drawings. He is on the money!

We don't decorate until the first week of December. Seems seasons all fly by except our hot summers.

Irma@CosasBellas said...

Love the drawings!!! Those are refrigerator door worthy for sure!

The streets in Old Towne Orange are decorated and just waiting for a visit from Miss Amy!


rkbsnana said...

Perfect portraits

Anonymous said...

Such talent just like his Mom & Dad. Funny I never thought about fall being so short, but I guess living out here, summer totally runs into our fall. Shame!