Sunday, November 20, 2011

Everybody Loves A Big BOW

on a present the bigger the bow the better, or in your hair on a dress....the list goes on and on.
I love love love bows.
So I was inspired to do a bow garland.
Big Oversized bows strung on vintage rick rack

Wouldn't be darling at a wedding?
But I think it will look just as great wrapping a Christmas tree :)

Available here

it is over 9 ft and made from all things vintage :)

Well, I am in Barbie Princess Charm School for the 2nd time already today.
My son is obsessed with this movie and I am thinking it will play at least 5 times today
We must get out of the house for a bit to have a break from it, lol


Rhonda said...

LOL - that is so cute. Run to the door right after you pry the remote from his little hands....

Gail said...

Golly girl, you must stop being so darn creative! I'm loving that garland idea, it's adorable!
Laughing so hard about Barbie charm school, I've never even heard of it and I have a girl (well, a tomboy really!)

The Cat Hag said...

A bow garland is the cutest idea ever!!!!

I can so imagine draping a few of them around my house. :)

How's things been for you lately, Amy? Hope all is well. <3

The Cat Hag


Those are cute!

Gail said...

aw that's a really neat idea....looks great! enjoy your film hehe ! Gail x