Monday, November 28, 2011

What A Day

This was an amazing day.
I first have to thank all of you that shopped with me this weekend.
People cringed when seeing me pull up to the post office and were dashing to get in front of me in line. But I am a prepared professional and all packages were processed in record time.
There is 1 Day left to the sale in my shop and it is going to be a good one, I would tune in if I were you ;)

I would love to see pictures of all the trees decorated in the garlands.

I am ending my day guessed it, more garland making in my quiet studio.
My lamps are glowing in the evening darkness and I have It's Complicated on for background noise.
The rest of the house is dark and the baby sleeps the evening away while I work like an elf in Santa's Workshop.
I will skip the Post Office tomorrow and wait til Wednesday to hit it again.
For now, I am so enjoying LIFE :)
Thoughts go out to all my friends and family that called or emailed troubles today.
I am thinking of all of you and wish the best outcomes for everyone.
Have a great night


Tattered & Timeless said...

Hi Amy, I did a post inspired by your book garlands. I made some for my tree at my booth. I've had two people ask me if they are for sale - haha I just say- no sorry. I love them. Glad your sale is going well. I need to hop over there and see what's up.

Petite Michelle Louise said...

sounds divine..the baby sleeping, the lamps aglow and the music on while you create away! (and "merci" for the thoughts!" ;)

Rhonda said...

I love your description of the glowing lamps and the evening darkness.

I always have a movie playing softly in the background, I need the noise, too. I love a quiet house with soft noise.

I put an Ikea lamp together tonight so that I may have better light on my work table. It was a great night!

Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie,
How was your Thanksgiving? So glad your shop was so busy!!
Don't you love working at night when the kiddos are sleeping and all is quiet. I do, that's if I can stay awake! :)
Hope your having a beautiful week!