Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Spa Day

Warning this post contains only TRUTH
This is what it is really like being a MOM

There has been a lot of huffing out there in blogland that blogs are not real life.
Staged much like a "reality tv show" Well I am here to say it doesn't get more real than this.

This is my Spa Day/Night...
I have not had a chance for a pedicure in...well it will be two years come February. I know this because I remember going for a wedding 2 years ago.

Thats right, its me sitting in my son's bathroom, him in bubble bath, me on stool( I will leave the toilet part out) or not...Nail polish remover, cotton balls and the baby safety clippers. Cause my husband has once again made off with my real ones...Thanks babe.
So I sit and do my toes (which I cannot show in the current state) while baby is soaking in bathtub.
Cat comes in, sees how boring this is and leaves quickly.
Yep, this is my spa day. A dingy childs bathroom and a minute to sit yet still multitask.
This is how I do it. I make my life work with what I got.
So there ya have it. I know, I know my life is so luxurious...don't hate. Its almost 2 am and it is my first alone time all day. I am beat and so wanting to lay down but I want to have just a moment...just a moment


Erin of Salvaged Whimsy said...

What's a pedicure??? I feel ya, sister! I think I still have polish on my toes from June...or May? Who knows! Hope you got some sleep!

Tattered & Timeless said...

You are so funny.

NuminosityBeads said...

Oh you sweet mama, I kind of remember those days except we were in a cabin without running water when my son was two... and we had to walk ten miles to the creek. ( just kidding about the last part) I remember laundry days at the laundromat being the most luxurious because I could read a magazine while I waited for the laundry to be done and since I wasn't at home i didn't feel I needed to multitask.
I feel for you. I have a hard time imagining the explosion of creativity that would come from you if you weren't also taking care of a child at the same time!
It would be stupendous I'm sure.
Hang in there, Amy
xoxo Kim

Rhonda said...

YOU are hilarious! Love it. There sure is a lot of huffing and puffing out there about faky blogs.

Nowhere do I ever say my life is perfect. I don't jet set to France every week or get to live in France for a year. I don't run with the big dogs, I don't own a "real" store.

My kitchen is dirty right now and we won't even talk about my where is my tape?

If these other bloggers are going to hate over great photos we take, they are jealous, in my opinion. I sure do set up for a photo, I want my items to look as beautiful as possible.

sorry for the vent!

Gail said...

You've got me lol this morning! The bathroom is our refuge, isn't it? Thank goodness.......I remember being where you are now and it's so hard to find time for yourself! I used to go out at night after dh got home and we had dinner so I could take refuge in a book store, just wandering around by myself for awhile.
It was the best therapy for me!
Love your pictures.

Kate said...

Love it Amy the plain truth spoken from your heart. Its always so refreshing to see how women make it all work. Thanks so much for stopping by I missed your visits. Hope you and your sweet family are enjoying the holiday season.


Sue said...

Family, yep family and kids are way better than any day at the spa! It is something that money can never buy.

Take care, Sue

Susan said...

Oh, I hear you Amy! I can't remember the last time I had a pedicure (or manicure) and a moment to myself where I'm not cleaning/cooking/tending to babes. But we wouldn't change a thing, huh? We get to stay at home and experience those precious moments. That's the real stuff. :)
Take care, and enjoy this blessed season with your beautiful boy!
- Susan

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

well that is about as real as it gets- looks familiar!

Modern Country said...

Haha, this was so much fun to read and also to watch !! Yes, you are so right, much of what we do here in Blogland is styled and prepared for ages befor it gets published. Somethimes it can be very tiring to keep up with all the talented people. And you get performance anxiety in a large scale. Then it is nice to read posts like this. Just be yourself and show life as it is. Everyone deserves a break sometimes, and especially a busy mother like you. Just take care of yourself, you have done good! I have never taken a pedicure, it is just not so common where I live, neither manicure. But it looks relaxing.

Take care Amy

Cristina Cleveland said...

Haha GREAT post! I also looove the garland in the last post, it's so beautiful.

xx Cristina

Lynn Richards said...

LOVE YOU for this!!!! Now we know what to tell Rudy to get you for Christmas.
1) a PEDICURE gift certificate.
2) two days ALONE in which to get the pedicure.

Gail said...

Ha ha that's so true and...thanks for leaving the toilet bit out ...phew !!
well you know the reason I like to look at blogs is to take time out from real life and look at pretty pictures....! Have a nice weekend ! Gail x