Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

What a long day.
It started with a parade at school and Batman.
As the day progressed it was time for a nap before tricks or treats....
Waking up it was a cold that showed for the tricks.
My little one awoke with a horrible cold and in no mood to knock on doors for treats but we tried.

We left as Woody, Buzz and Bo Peep...

He was much happier staying at home and handing out the candies.

His favorite trick or treaters of the night were Flash and Buzz.

We are now soaking in a warm bath and taking meds.  No candies tonight :(

So sad, of all the nights to wake up with a cold.


Petite Michelle Louise said...

oh so sorry your little goblin was not feeling well. take heart....they'll be many more Halloweens ahead for him and he at least got to enjoy passing out the candy. my son always loved that!

Rhonda said...

Awe, poor Brooklyn, still it looks like he tried to enjoy trick or treating. Handing out candy is so much fun to me anyway, too!!

You guys look fabulous!!! Great costumes.

Suzanna Scott said...

I love your little bo peep costume Amy!! Where'd you find that great hat!? Love the father/son costume pair. Great idea! So sorry about the sniffles coming on :( Sending wishes they pass you by quickly.

Gail Thayer said...

Oh, poor little Brooklyn! So sorry he's got a nasty's the worst being sick on holidays...
Hoping for a quick recovery for the little man.

Julie said...

Hi Amy - Oh dear poor wee soul - colds can make you feel so miserable too. He did make a great effort. Gosh your costumes look amazing - how wonderful even tho he was unwell & great you got some pics of it all. Hope he is feeling better slowly - hugs, Julie :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh phooey.. It was a weird night. And today was tuff on us all, Why can't Halloween always be on a Saturday. But the greatest thing is you all look adorable! We should have come knocked on your door.

Lynn Richards said...

Awwwwww. Hope he is much much better! Your
Hubby is awesome!

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