Friday, October 12, 2012

Crisp Autumn Morning

It has rained non-stop for 2 days now and this morning we wake to clear skies but wet dewy grounds.
The sun is out but it is super crisp and breezy out.  It is perfection.
I must enjoy it while it is here cause in just a few short days it will be back up to record heat in the 90's...ugh.

Today is a holiday from school so we will get out and enjoy this crisp day.  My little one is ready to fight for justice.  Currently obsessed with vintage Superfriends cartoons.

I also have to get to some more crocheting on a few new orders which is kinda nice to sit and listen to the rustling of the leaves while I crochet.  Very soothing.

There are what seems like millions of other things I want to get to today but I know I won't have much time this weekend to do them all.

I need to get on my letters to Santa and alter the vintage mercury glass ornaments I stumbled upon.
I think this weekend is going to fly by fast.

What are you up to this lovely Autumn Weekend?


Rhonda said...

First, thanks for shoving your cool weather our way!! We love it!

Love your plan, enjoy the good weather while you can.

I plan on doing so much but as we know, only so much can get done in one weekend.

Here's to both of us getting what we need done!

Gail Thayer said...

I'm so happy for you, I know you've waited forever for some cooler weather......enjoy it all you can!
We finally have some rain today and I'm loving it!
Makes it really feel like Fall, so I'm making some chicken tacos tonight and we'll snuggle it!
This weekend I'm working on a special Halloween piece and hopefully I can list it very soon.
I wish I had more time to create, the fact is that I don't right now but it's all good!
We have our flea for both days this weekend and that's where I'll be...........:).

Julie said...

Yes Amy I do love that time when its rained & everything feels so cool & crisp & freshly washed. I am loving your little man & remember my boys being dressed just like that ready to "save the world"!!
Your crochet hat is THE most gorgeous design & I also think your new photos of things you are working on look fantastic. Enjoy the cooler weather dear friend, Julie Xox