Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October in the Studio

 With October being my favorite time of year, even if it is 100*,  I get a super creative spark.

Starting with a few things like these...

And then the Hats and Scarf orders start trickling in for boutiques in colder areas.

I have been sitting and crocheting every afternoon to a movie.
So exciting to find a real video store by my house.  I really was starting to miss the days of wandering thru a video store looking at indie films, or movies I missed.   Vegas doesn't get a great selection in theaters nor can I get to a theater with a 3 year old.  Netflix or DVR just wasn't cutting it for me.
I love walking in and browsing for awhile, picking up the case and reading the back for the full description. 
So far I have picked out some good things and even got the child a few pumpkin-y movies for the season.

Ah, October, how I love you :)


Alabaster Rose Lifestyle said...

Oh my goodness Amy, Brooklyn is getting so big and so handsome!!
And I love all of the gorgeous hats that you've knitted! You are always so super talented!
I feel for you in regards to the weather, we're hitting the high 90's and 100's this week too. YUCK!! I'm so jealous of the cooler weather some people are experiencing in other parts of the country.
Thanks for the beautiful comment you left on my blog today, I really appreciate it my friend!
Hope your doing well and I'll text you soon.

Kate said...

HI Amy

I love B with his back pack too cute. Yes welcome October I cannot wait to break out hats scarves and gloves. Love all of your new items! Wish you lived nearby :(( Lots of hugs

Rhonda said...

You "know" I adore everything you make! Lovin' your porch with your little "B" sitting there smiling.

Gail Thayer said...

Hey Amy,

I'm loving those paper bundles, and of course you're knitting is fab!! Sorry your weather is still so hot, ours is cooling down nicely and I love it....I even splurged on some awesome bumpy pumpkins from TJ's the other day and they are gracing my front porch.
I've also been creating, I made some Halloween ornies that will be in my shop today....love this time of year!

Susan said...

Love to hear how happy you are in the fall Amy! YOur creative spark is indeed flowing. Love these new paper and crocheted creations - the crochet-covered jars are fantastic!
Enjoy this time, and those movies. :)

Kadee @KadeeWillow said...

Those envelopes with the stitching and stamping are just adorable!!! I love craft paper, too, as it just has this special feel to it!