Monday, October 10, 2011

Victorian Pincushions

This weekend was busy and a lot of family fun was had.
We hit the pumpkin patch, and art show,and the craft fair.
I also managed to get a lot of home improvements taken care of more on that later...
but I also had a little time to fit in some of my own crafting.I have designed this new take on pincushions and they are in my shop starting today.
This one is primitive whites and victorian photo cards wrapped in pearls. It has vintage mother of pearl shell buttons attached to vintage doily pieces.
The edging is all wrapped in vintage zippers and button strips from victorian pillowcasing.
The pincushion is actually made from a vintage hankey and is stuffed with fibers.
These are great little sewing desk helpers, they are heavy to weight your materials while working hold your pins and look fabulous as art when not in use.
How was your weekend, did you have time to craft?
Buy it here, Vintage Marketplace


Rhonda said...

So pretty, Amy. You sure did fit a lot of fun into your weekend.

We did some clean up of our potting area and patio of our yard.
It felt so good to finish but I didn't get to create that much.

Sue said...

You do such incredibly beautiful work! I love the Victorian pincushions!

Take care, Sue

Petite Michelle Louise said...

these are wonderfully-creative amy! i just love the idea of them!