Saturday, October 8, 2011

Senior Center Craft Fair=GOLD

What a way to spend a morning.
We set out as a family to go support our local seniors and their craft.
But as soon as we pulled up my son was fast asleep...this meant leaving him and my hubby in the car while I did a dash thru the senior center.
Knowing exactly what I was on the hunt for and I struck GOLD!
I have been looking for a chevron afghan for our new living area in bright bold colors.
Knowing that the older ladies love the bright colors and use all their scraps to make beautiful blankets, I headed for the afghan table.
There it sat calling my name. These ladies work their poor fingers off and charge so little for something that would take me years to complete.I gladly paid the $30 for this huge afghan and cuddled it all the way back out to the car.
It looks perfect on the new ottoman. It will get a ton of use by us and the kitties. :)


Gail said...

Unbelievable price for that beauty! I love it!!
Have fun cozying up under that gorgeous afghan.....

Linda said...

That is wonderful, Amy! So fun when you find something you've been wanting!

me and alice said...

It's really beautiful! and that book looks so nice too!!!
Have a nice Sunday!
xo Susanne

Rhonda said...

That blanket was meant to be yours, Amy. Don't you love it when things call out your name?

Lynn Richards said...

LOVE this. I think I actually have one like it, but I have to say it's in hideous colors. Orange, yellow and brown. But I have held onto it all these years (26) because of who made it and the time it took!!! Plus, it was a gift...