Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sewing Bliss

I have been sewing and crocheting all day :)
This is a sweet day, haven't even left the house yet...but I need a sugar fix and that will have to be addressed shortly.
What are you up to?


Rhonda said...

Working in my office, tax forms, very exciting, right?

But I'm sewing right now and thought I'd better see what was going on in blog world.

I'm happy for your sweet day...may many more follow. xo R

Lynn Richards said...

love the colors so far, miss amy!! WHAT are you up to??
wish i could bring you over a cookie...

Suzanna Scott said...

I'm currently trying to purge my inbox of waiting emails and really wishing I was outside. lol! Also, getting ready for a trip to CA next week for my big brothers wedding.

Hope you found something sweet to indulge in ;)