Friday, October 28, 2011

Circle of Life

Once it again it is time for the Henderson Library to start planning the Gala for Library Tree Lane.
Life has been so full this year with ups and lots of downs, but I have agreed to decorate a tree for this fundraising event. At first I thought I could not commit to doing it but, my heart could not turn them away.
So when I was contacted and asked what my tree theme would be nothing spoke louder than, "the circle of Life"
We have lost some wonderful people this year and had some close calls for other family members.
Yet some of our family are expecting new lives very soon. This really got me to thinking on how we mourn the loss but a new seed grows in its place.
I will hand make all the ornaments on the tree and this will take a lot of time. I only have 2 weeks to complete it all. Wish me luck ;)
But it will have to wait, as for tonight and most of this weekend I am off the clock.
This afternoon will be pumpkin patches and bounce houses. After that, I will sit glued to the tv for game 7 of the world series to root on my Cardinals. So it will be pizza in for dinner and a few cold ones. Last night got loud in my house, the neighbors definitely know who my money is on!
Whatever you are up to this weekend, I wish you fun!!!


Rhonda said...

You are an angel, Amy. Your heart is so big and they are so lucky to have you create another tree this year!

I cannot wait to see your progress, that is, after your Cardinals WIN tonight!!!!

Have fun at the pumpkin patch with B.

xo Rhonda

Petite Michelle Louise said...

such a worhty cause. you are "earning your wings" mon amie! any way i can help? need me to make some ornaments?? i'd be happy to ya know! ;) GO CARDS!!

Coury Combs said...

How Fun! :)

Gail said...

good luck and what a great of life..have a nice week
Gail x