Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Out with the OLD

It must be the cold weather approaching or the seasons changing.
I am full nesting and cleaning mode once again.
Spurred on by a recent blog post on magazines from Gail, I got to thinking.
I used to love magazine shopping and my home reflects that.
I have drawers and cabinets full of my favorite magazines that they no longer make.
Holding on to these for years some date back to moving out here, 2003. That means I have moved with these magazines 3 times until buying our home. eeek, ridiculous!I think I held on to them thinking I could research looks for my dream home decor. So last night I sat and thought, our house is nothing like the ones in my old favorite magazines there is no reason to keeping holding out on a dream for a farm I ripped out the inspiration pages that I just couldn't part with and the rest are going to the recycling bin.
These pictures are only half of the magazines that I still need to go thru. But notice the pilesThe thin stack to the left is what I am keeping and filing away.The other just emptied the drawers in my antique dresser.
Now I will have room for storing blankets and the other necessities for winter.
What have you been holding onto that really needs to go?
I feel so much better that this has been addressed.



I do the same thing. I tossed all of mine recently too. The show "Hoarders" helped sway me...haha


Alabaster Rose Designs said...

Oh Amy,
I have hundreds of old magazines too. I have been meaning to do the same, tear out the pages that still inspire me, but have yet to do so. It is extremely time consuming and I just can't part with them until I go through them!
Have fun!

Gail said...

Yay Amy! Isn't that a good feeling? I did that many years ago (it's an ongoing thing) but it's fun to go through the pages that you've pulled, the ones that inspired you in the first place, and see if they STILL inspire you.
Since our tastes change over time it's an interesting process, but I've found that going through my old inspiration sheets, my tastes haven't really changed! What I loved 10-15 years ago, I still love.....:).

time worn interiors said...

I started saving inspiration sheets about 15 years ago when we moved to Germany! I couldn't take all my books so I had to down size! After about 20 binders, I have now downsized my inspiration sheets to a couple of binders. Man, that is so hard to do! Glad you have some empty storage space now!

NuminosityBeads said...

I got rid of ten years of Ornament, Lapidary Journal and Bead & Button magazines when I moved and they're piling up again. Finally had to unsubscribe from everything with all the moving back and forth every 6 months and save special in town bookstore days for Cloth Paper Scissors and Somersets to treat myself every once in awhile now. I always think I'll refer to the magazines at a later date but the reality is...well you know, it just doesn't happen.
My un-nesting is happening in the form of packing for our winter move and trying to bring less with me. There's just some things from my studio that have to migrate with me.
xoxo Kim

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I have British Country Living since 2003...I so need to purge my magazines!

Fash Boulevard said...

I do the same thing... except I have a hard time parting with my magazines. :) Great pictures.

I would love if you could stop by my blog and check out my latest post which features my homemade halloween costume!!

Sue said...

I use to be in the same situation as you! Lately I've been in the mood for scaling down my stuff. Thankfully, I have a store, so I have an outlet to sell a lot of my stuff! I did, however, hang on to one stack of magazine. The old Mary Englebriet magazines are still with me. I'm not ready to part with those yet.

Take care, Sue

Diana Mieczan said...

That is exactly what I should do as well. I have tons of magazines that I should recycle. Thanks for the inspiration, darling. Muah

Old Paper Roses said...

Oh my, you are so brave, I could (at this point) never part from all the magazines I have!
But...I think it's a good idea, to make room for new things.
So maybe I have to think about it and only keep the ones I realy like!
I have the same problem with dvd's.
I have so many I just don't know were to put all of them. Just horrible...
Time to organize maybe??

Have a great weekend,

Cyndi said...

Hey Amy,
I had the same problem so years ago I started tearing out the pages that inspired and put the in a binder with page protectors. Now I have three binders that have page after page of inspiration. That in itself is motivation. Although now I have to start one for all my crafts. Enjoy the process and do one magazine a night.

Tattered & Timeless said...

I do that too. I do have all the cottage living ones though. I can not bear to part with them and since they cancelled them it won't grow. I keep different binders for inspirations with those clear page protectors. So, I tear the stuff out I love then put in the appropriate binder to find when I need or want it.

Gail said...

hi's so hard not to hoard !!! every now and then I "spring clean" my magazines and end up having another really good look through them at the same time...well done you for getting organised ! have a nice weekend..
Gail x