Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Gatherer

Playing pinterest, as my hubby calls it, I spotted the lovely pom pom flowers.

I thought, I can do that while sit here on the couch.
All I need are sticks.

My husband, the gatherer, went to seek out sticks for me and cut them all down to make my flowers.

I found my old, old pom pom maker.  I forgot how to use said pom pom maker.
Looking up how to use one, I found there is now a new fangled one by Clover.
Well ain't that fancy...but no help to my old one.
I scoured for hours trying to find instructions on how to use this darn thing and yay, finally a youtube video popped up.
So off I went.

I made 8 flowers last night.
But I need to perfect it.  My flowers aren't as dense as the ones I saw on pinterest.
Tonight I will try again.

What you need.
yarn, heavy wool is prefered
pom pom maker, with instructions ;)
sharp scissors
and tacky glue

Once pom pom puff is made and trimmed simply put glue on sticks end and place puff
Super super cute flower puffs.

That will never die.


Susan deGeneres said...

These remind me of dandelion's gone to seed. So sweet. Have a good night....its the land of nod for me.

Rhonda said...

Oh how fun. These do remind me of dandelions, too.

Gail said...

hey what a cute idea ! mind you I would definitely have to hide them from my feline friends !!
Gail x

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Pompoms always make me smile! :D