Sunday, January 20, 2013


Today is day 3 of getting better.

I am finally awake and off the drugs to be able to communicate.

I can't believe what they doped me with, way beyond what my body could handle and it messed me up bad.

I have taken myself off the heavy drugs and have moved on to Motrin.  Ya know what it works just fine. And I have the use of my speech and brain again.

So what is a girl to do that has to rest and be at home not moving too much...well shop online.

I didn't prepare for this sickness as I would have if I would have had more time.  I need a book, some yarn and my hook and a stack of magazines.  But instead I have my laptop and tv. 

Its getting old fast.
But I did find a super cute bag that was online and just happened to be ready for pickup at Nordstrom
My hubby had to run pick up my new glasses so he stopped and picked up my new candy bag glitter red from Furla...I am so stinkin' happy with it.  I love that it is perfect for Valentines :)
Aaa I am beginning to feel better already.

Today I will slowly move around and take a shower.  I hope to be feeling great with just a few more days of relaxing and taking it easy. 
Thanks again for all of you checking in on me and wishing me the best!!! It really helps make me better faster.


Rhonda said...

Well, that purse sure would make me feel better, too!!! Gorgeous! I have to tell ya, shopping online in bed is my second favorite thing to do, LOL

Sending more get well wishes and hope you are feeling better each day.

xo Rhonda

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I hear you about the painkillers...not fun! That purse would make any girl feel better! XO

Petite Michelle Louise said...

who wouldn't feel better after THAT find!? umm...yes please! (thinking of you! speedy recovery!!!) ;)

Gail Thayer said...

Take care sweet Amy.....great bag! You have wonderful taste!

Mom E. said...

I hope you recover well from surgery. It always takes me an entire week to feel like the anesthetic is out of my system. I can hardly stay awake and when I do, it is hilarious to listen to me not make any sense....
Rest and relax while you have the chance! Sometimes its nice to rest and relax, too bad we can't seem to do it without MOTIVATION!
Hearts toyou, Heal well and enjoy a pedicure when you can get out, You deserve one!

Gail said...

Take care Amy and great bag...carry on shopping .. a girl needs a treat after what you have been through !
Gail x

Susan said...

Nothing like a fancy purse to cheer a lady up! Rest easy, Amy. I'm glad you're home and hope the surgery did what it was supposed to do. Hopefully these last few days will soon be a faded memory and you'll be back to your normal self. :)