Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Have a Heart

I am focusing on hearts today.

Finally getting a bit of energy to arrange some my sons hearts he cut out and doing a little Valentines box for my dining table.

It is simple and a little more blah than I would normally do a Valentines Centerpiece but it is full of red and white and love.

A little mailbox holds vintage book page heats stitched with red threads.

Arrows are being hauled by my little vintage horse trailer

and my crocheted jars are holding book bindings and the bouquet of hearts my son made.

I have a few more projects in the works and I am starting on them today.

I am doing Love Bug Jars for my son to take to school for Valentines Day.
These are just too adorable not to do and I have a template on my old sizzix machine of a jar just like this one.  Perfect!

I really appreciate all of those who gave me support on my last post...I deleted it.
It was a moment of depression in my life that some did not support my crying out loud.
For those that did I sincerely loved the words left for me and support given in personal chats and emails.
Why we can't all have a heart for others who are down is a thing I will never understand.
We preach no bullying in our children but adults seem to be worse as mean girls that never left high school, S**TING on others that are reaching out is incomprehensible to me.  If you can't say something nice don't offer your 2 cents to others to make yourself feel better or more powerful.
Seeing that this is the way the world is now makes me shiver for my son as he grows older.
I will stop COMPLAINING as some have of put it and leave my sickness to those who care around me.
Sorry life isn't all sunshine and roses or great photos and crafting diys  stuff happens in real life and sometimes it just makes us feel better to get it out on paper, its part of healing. 


Julie said...

Hello Amy - well where to begin ... I simply CANNOT BELIEVE some people would be sooo cruel as to tell you to stop complaining !!! Are they not aware that this is something that has been going on for so long in your life & not just since your surgery. And even if they arent aware, WHERE IS THEIR CONSIDERATION FOR OTHERS??? sorry to use shouty capitals but I am appalled at some peoples uncaring attitudes. I think you have done so great and to have a day where you want to cry is Oh so normal & to get it down in print can help you begin to heal.
Anyway - down off my soapbox now . . . I adore your pictures today and your table display, I could come to your house and steal all those items, especially the little vintage horse trailer and your mailbox. It looks so fantastic considering you are unwell and not functioning properly you have done amazing. Keep your chin up my friend - this time will pass. And yes life is not all about pretty blog pics and creativity, sometimes we have to voice our down times too. Big hugs to you - sorry for such a lengthy comment. I am still shaking my head at those people., Love Julie Xoxo

Julie said...

Oh & p.s. . . I could ALSO steal your little red crochet slippers with pinecones in !!! And the bug hearts you have made too :-) Xox

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I'm sorry that you have had to put up with mean people, Amy...I firmly believe that if a person has no compassion, they will have to go through something to learn it.
I love the bug jars...and so will the kids who receive them!

Rhonda said...

You are a daily blogger who shares her life with others. Not all can do that and therefore no one should tell you to stop anything in your blogging. I agree with you adults are worse at bullying.

Moving that makes me mad...I adore your red crocheted shoes, those are too cute! And the bug jars, too adorable. xo Rhonda

Kate said...

Im so glad that we had a chance to share our "hearts" today. I know that those of us that care so much about you will continue celebrating you each and everyday! Love all of the projects here so so cute!


Sue said...

I have a very, very good friend that is 84. And when I use to get boggled down by "stuff" she use to simply say, "this too shall pass". So, tonight Amy, I want you to know with all my heart that "this too shall pass", sooner than you think. Take care of yourself and thing positive, okay?

Alabaster Rose Lifestyle said...

Hi Sweetie,
No one will EVER know what others go through unless they walk a mile or more in someone else's shoes! Don't let those mean people get you down or make you feel like what you wrote on YOUR blog was wrong! Just delete their nasty comments and go on. There are far many more people who do care about you and what you write!!!
I love B's hearts, and I adore those love bug jars!!! I might have to borrow that idea for my J's class.
You take care and I'll talk with you soon!!

Gail Thayer said...

I too am amazed that anyone would say anything negative about your last post. Clearly you were in pain, and after all this IS your blog, right? You can post whatever is on your mind or whatever is going on in your life.
Don't let the turkeys get you down, you have too many others who really care about you and who actually matter.
I hope you feel loads better tomorrow and rest up!

Lynn Richards said...

I'm telling you what. I have a message for people who say you are complaining. But I'll be nice and keep it to myself.

I'm dying over your little horse trailer with the heart arrows. L.O.V.E. it!!!
Hope it brings you cheer!
p.s. do you have a Trader Joe's by you?