Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Days are Long

The last few, well weeks have been very long and lots going on.
So many appointments and shuffling of life around.

Just as I was getting somewhere on my new afghan, I ran out of yarn.  I had to special order 20 skeins from the yarn shop and they say it will take up to 6 weeks. UGH!

So on to the next project.

I am all about making every minute count for something lately.
As I sit and wait for the boy to come out of school, or in waiting rooms I make it count with a hook and yarn.

Back to using my "what I have" deal.
I started whipping up some more crochet jars.  This time in a happy blue and white cotton yarn.

Perfect containers for organizing a fun desk space or kitchen utensils. Seeing them in front of my super green plants, I think they would make great planters too! 
Super summery and they make me smile.

I think I will do some yellow ones next.
Did anyone start a Something New project this week?  I would love to hear about it.


Rhonda said...

Hoping you are well, Amy. I need to shoot you an email, it's been too long since we chatted.

I still have my crocheted pumpkin in my kitchen, it's just too pretty to put away. : )

Gail Thayer said...

Your project is much more fun than mine! Trying to get my dd and myself back from very bad colds..... Utterly exhausting.
Love your projects!

Julie said...

Hi Amy - that is sooo frustrating having to wait that long for yarn. I am loving the blue combination though and yes, it looks great against the backdrop of your green plants. Glad you can keep the fingers creative while the mind is occupied on other things my friend. Happy creating, Julie Xox

Anonymous said...

It looks amazing Amy!! You are so super talented!
I've been thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.
Take care my sweet friend!!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

These jars are too cute! I haven't done jack or squat....oh, I take that back! I did get a painting started on Thursday! :D

Mr. Art @ Home and Shelley are both sick.....