Monday, April 8, 2013


It is a cold rainy day here.
Way out of the ordinary for our town, so I am out to enjoy it.

Maybe I will get some more of this wonderful golden and softest ever, Waverly yarn and sit and crochet for the afternoon as the rain comes down.
My kitty seems to have snuggled into my favorite lap blankie ever and fall fast asleep

I will be back tomorrow with more.


Vintage Jane said...

Sometimes it is so good to be forced to cosy up indoors!
M x

Gail Thayer said...

Smart kittie, that's a gorgeous blanket and looks totally comfy......!

Enjoy your rain, we have some too.

Gail said...

lovely photo ! and yeah get some more wool for those rainy days ! Gail x

Rhonda said...

OH NO, when you get rain, we get rain. I know we need it but I hate to drive in it, all the same. I know, get over it, right?

Enjoy your rainy day my friend.

Emma said...

He or she looks very cosy, what a beautiful wool :)