Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Something New

There is a lot going on in life and to bring down the anxiety I feel these days I have opted for a new goal each week.
To focus on fun and make my mind relax a bit, I have taken on trying something new each week.
Something new as in teaching myself or taking a class on something I have never had time to learn.
Or even as far has trying a new beauty treatment or cooking yes I said cooking.

This weeks goal is something I have never tried.  I have started a full size afghan for my Queen size bed.
I have never had the patience or time to devote to such a large project and my ADD in crafting would never allow enough attention to one item.
But I am determined to relax every evening and stitch away.
I decided on a lovely yarn titled appropriately enough, Breath of Blue by Waverly Yarns.
It is a soft washable yarn just perfect for the bed.
Speaking of my bed.  Here is a shot my husband captured this morning.  My fatsy and I asleep.
This is why I need a washable yarn, my bed is fatsy's bed.

Have a great Tuesday, go out and try something new.


Diana Mieczan said...

I love the idea of learning a new thing each week. I should try doing that too:) Btw: your cat is so cool:)Have a beautiful day, lovely.

Anonymous said...

thats the cutest photo, learning new things every week is a wonderful idea, we should all try that,

Rhonda said...

I just LOVE that color yarn you are using. AND I adore Laurie's owl picture above me...too cute.

Julie said...

Hi Amy - LOVE that yarn you are working with. Gosh you go girl - a new project each week!!! Good on you.
I adore the photo of you asleep - look how fatsy is curled around your legs - I'll bet thats a heavy weight up against you!!?? Hugs, Julie

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

That breath of blue is pretty! I want to take a few more cooking classes, but I think I'll save $ on art workshops, and just sit my butt down and paint! I need to make more time for my art.