Friday, April 12, 2013


This week was especially full of Life.
From meetings with teachers and doctors almost everyday to school family day and book fairs.
Oh and the call from the school nurse explaining that my son was coming home with a bloody fat lip...all in a day around here.

But we did take time to enjoy the non crazy times with a lunch for two at our favorite pizza place  (which we haven't been in to sit down for over 4 years) to my first taste of real ice cream since the surgery...yeah, still not an ice cream fan but it hit the spot at the time.  I can definitely live without it in my diet.

I have stuck true to my goal for this week in making my afghan every night.  I have realized that I need 20 more skeins to finish my goal :(  I bought what they had which was 3 skeins...I am a bit short.  But I won't give up.  Maybe it will be an ombre if I can't find the rest of my color lot.

 While I crochet away my kitties fight over who gets to lay on me...
Winner is...

and poor fatsy takes second place by laying quietly above me on the back of the couch.

Hopefully the pool guy comes today so we can go swimming tomorrow.  It will be a nice way to kick off our weekend.
Happy Friday all!


Anonymous said...

quite a day!

Julie said...

Hi Amy - Oh poor little B with his fat lip!!! How awful - was it a bully or did he fall & hit himself??
Glad you have found some me-time in your busy week & your afghan is looking great - your crochet work is so beautiful. Hope you have a creative weekend my friend, Julie Xox

Sue said...

I have all of my Mom's afghans my Mom made. She was always busy with them. After she passed away, my sister didn't want any of them. So I have several as do each of my kids and the rest I've saved for my grandkids when they get a bit older.

Take care,

Gail Thayer said...


Give B a hug for me, poor little guy! We never know when we walk out our door in the morning what may happen!
Your blanket is looking awesome!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Poor little Prince B! Fat lips aren't fun, although I know women around here who pay big money for them! ;P

We were talking about Baskin Robbins this weekend while at a snowball stand. There aren;t any of them in Alabama any more....and I loved BR! My favorite was the blackberry ice cream....YUM!