Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Cabin of my Own and a Duck

Finally, I have a cottage cabin...well a vintage lincoln log cabin that is.

About a month ago I stumbled upon a vintage set of Lincoln Logs all in the original tin drum.
I thought I hit the jackpot. I have been on the hunt for the original set for years.

Once I finally had time to sit and get it out I realized that it only came with 4 foundation pieces and one was broken in half.
Ugh, this wouldn't allow me to build like I wanted to.
But I made the best of what I had and played until I got it to work.
It is very unstable and I should glue it all in place so I can display it without little fingers taking it all apart ;)
I want to make little cottage curtains for the door and windows. Maybe a little bunting to string across the sides. And I want to put a flameless candle inside to make it glow.

I will move it from my carpet in my studio to the shelving down in the living room.
It will be fun to have it on display. It really reminds me of being in my toy room as a child building away and playing "town" .
We had a huge toy room and would make towns to drive our hot wheels cars around or play with our little people collection. It would stay up for weeks at a time until the next fun thing would come along. Oh, the days of that toy much fun was had.

Speaking of fun, yesterday we discovered a duck having fun in our pool. We just sat and laughed at this bird doing lap after lap in the pool. He would then get out and dry off for just a few seconds and dive right back in and do more laps. I wonder how a duck ended up in our pool? I didn't want to get too close so my pictures are fuzzy from enlarging. Child would yell DUCK!!! And it didn't even phase that ducky, he was having too much fun swimming in a pond of its own.


Rhonda said...

Then you would LOVE my dad's friend's log cabin home...wrap around deck die for.

That duck is too cute, Amy!!

Kate said...

I always love what you find! The Lincoln Logs are perfecto!

Love the duck too Have a wonderful weekend


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I love the idea of the flameless candle in the cabin...I'm going to share that with my grandkids next time they start making Lincoln Log villages all over our living room...

Kimberly said...

Sweet! Just like an Alaskan cabin. I would totally have a Lincoln log cabin on display if I ever found a set.

Chickie said...

What a fun post!! We too have had our share of ducks in our pool.They can be quite messy. We found out they are not so good for the pool The oils in their feathers is a part of it besides their droppings is terrible. I have a pic on my blog with one in our pool.We even had a couple of ducklings in it.They are fun to watch but they can be trouble. he he. Have a beautiful and creative day....Chickie

Lois said...

What a sweet little toy. I didn't have anything like that as a child, but I did have a Polly Pocket colection that I turned into a village. I remember I loved to play with it - I could spend hours!

Vintage Market Place said...

Oh yes Lois. My sister had the polly pockets. I remember her loving them :)

ros said...

gold medal Olympic duck.