Monday, August 13, 2012

Leftie Day

I can't believe I am just finding out at 7pm that it was national lefthanders day!
What! No Shopping trip, no presents?
Come On...
Did anyone else know about this oh so special day for us Lefties??

I will plan accordingly for this day next year, who knew?


Gail said...

hee hee I didn't even know there was such a day !! you sure missed out on a prezzie though...better make a note on next year's the there a right hand day to celebrate..??? I should make a note of that one ! Gail x

Sue said...

Hey, I missed the big day as well. I'm a lefty also and next year I think we need to remind each other of this very special day!

Take care,

Rhonda said...

I tried leaving a comment this morning and it wouldn't let me.
Darn Kindle.

I'm back and I only wanted to say, Happy Lefty Day my friend.

Nice shots of your hands.