Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lust vs Reality

While browsing a new blog late last night I found the most amazing shoes.
Now, while these have been everywhere for months I have not seen them in this color combo.
My heart immediately started beating fast and quickly went to the Neiman's shoe store to see the cost. A mere $890. Right!!!
So I get a reality check fast.
Think Amy, I am a SAHM of a 2 year old. I stay home or run errands most of my days.
When would these shoes ever be needed in my life.
Not to mention here we are again, I am 6ft, do I really need shoes that project me into the clouds?
Lets think practical and still get a cute shoe that is more doable in my daily routine and a fraction of the cost.
I stumbled upon these, Nine West gold glitter ballet flats.I wore them today to run errands with a skinny cuffed jean and navy striped shirt.
Oh, I love them. These were on clearance for $20.
They give me the girly gold glitter that I long for and a practical look for running around chasing a 2year old ;)


Kate said...

I bet you were super cute as a button. Kisses to you and little one


Alabaster Rose Designs said...

These are awesome!! I could wear me some of these! Where did you find them? I have the opposite problem, I need heels but can not wear them!!
Hope your having a great weekend.

Petite Michelle Louise said...

oh how perfect! i am sure you ROCKED them! 6 ft???sigh....

Jennifer Rizzo said...

Those are too cute! I love a little glitter in my day! And at a much better bargain.

Rhonda said...

I could just see you in that outfit, speaking volumes of style!

I need the inches - I'm a shorty!


:):):)Love that post :D the flats are soooooo cute!