Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fall Issues

Well finally the September fashion issues are out
that means putting my feet up and passing the day away flipping thru and dreaming of fall.
The house will be dark and cold and the candles of pumpkin scents will be burning.
This is how I enjoy the September issues, how bout you?


Alabaster Rose Designs said...

Love those shoes!!! I am so with you, once September hits, I love breaking out the pumpkin spice candles. I am so ready for Fall!
Have a great weekend Amy.

Rhonda said...

I do love September - I can feel it coming - we don't get cool until next month but that's okay.

I will start buying richer colors in my clothes and pull out my boots!

Your shoes are so gorgeous! And I sit at my dining room table to read my issues...don't know why but I do.


:D youre so funny :):)
and tall!You'd tower over me, haha

Diana Mieczan said...

I am so SMITTEN with your shoes:) Such a brillaint photos...darling. Muah

Ps: and your blouse is amazing. Can I ask, where did you get it?