Saturday, June 21, 2014


Usually I am not one for Summer.  Never have been.
Even as a kid it wasn't my favorite.
But this year it has all changed.
I am loving Summer this year.  I know, I know, you are saying...But Amy Summer just started today.  Well, our Summers start much earlier here in the desert and we have all ready been on 3 Summer vacations.

Maybe it is because I am finally feeling good and healthy to enjoy the workouts that Summer brings.
Swimming, walking, biking and just good ol fashion playing.

We have been doing a lot of all of the things listed above and it feels great.

Now that the heat is really hitting us here in the desert, we get in the pool early and then we stay put at home the rest of the day.
Creating, exploring, movie watching, and playing.

Yesterday the boy made his first tent/fort of the season.  Using the dining table and all the blankets in the storage closet he could find.  He didn't come out for hours.  Today he is right back in there after lunch.  His little hideaway from the world.  Discovering, playing and talking to his little stuffed toys and legos.

Me,  I am busy creating away.  I have 100's of ideas for my gypsy pouches and I just need to find the time to sit and make them.  They really are like holding security blanket in your hand.  Softest vintage cottons and hand stitched embroidery and doilies make up all of them.  Each one is a one of a kind creation full of history and vintage goodness.
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Happy Summer to you all, how are you spending your lazy summer days?


Art @ Home said...

Three vacations? I'm so jealous! You are a lucky duck!

I love your little gypsy pouches. So creative and fun!


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Summer used to be my least favorite season, too...but recently I realized it has become my favorite, because we spend so much family time together. Hope it is your best summer ever! Love your beautiful creation!

Rhonda said...

I hope you continue to have a magical summer, Amy. It truly looks like you already are.