Friday, June 27, 2014

Giving Back

Have you heard of Sevenly??
Well it is a wonderful organization that produces cool goods to sell to raise awareness and money for great causes.
This weeks cause is bringing awareness to Autism.  Something near and dear to my heart.
Water soothes and changes a child.  Thanks to Izzy Paskowitz and his vision for getting kids out into the water he started Surfers Healing.  So when you buy from Sevenly this week the money help goes to send a child with Autism to Surf Camp.
These are two amazing organizations that are coming together to spread the word and change a lives for families affected by Autism.

Please take a moment and go to Sevenly and help change the way the world sees Austism and give back just a little.

I highly recommend you visit Vimeo and watch the Izzy Paskowitz story.   I found this story just as our child was being labeled and I cried all day.  I knew then I had to fight for my child.  Today my child is now label free.  Be the change a child needs. Spread the word.  Do something.


Julie said...

A great post Amy about a cause that I know you are passionate about. I am just going to pop on over & read about Sevenly now x0x0

Gail Thayer said...

I'm so proud of you for not giving up, for not just taking the word of the "experts" in the field, for going with your gut.
This looks like a great cause, I'm off to read about it and thank you for calling it to our attention!
Hope you and your family have a wonderful Summer!