Monday, June 2, 2014

Beach Getaway

With the temps already being to hot to live in town, we decided lets go to the beach, so we did.

We took and extra long weekend to just go chill.  And it seriously was the best vacation ever!!!
Next year we will skip Disneyland and just head for a super long vacation beach side.
No crowds, no lines, just fun all day in the sand and surf.
This boy discovered boogie boarding and we couldn't get him out of the water.

 Later he watched as the volleyball courts had sweet games going on and decided he could play too.  He picked up the ball and was a natural.

We ate jelly sandwiches under the umbrella when lunch break came around.
He just chilled and watched the guys play volleyball.

We made sand castles, we swam and warmed our skin in the sun like snakes on a hot rock.
It was glorious.

In the evening we found a little time for some shopping. Walking thru Laguna shops always makes me happy.
This little Jess Brown Doll found its way to my heart and home.  So excited by her and her bloomers.  If you are ever in Laguna, stop at Hillary Boutique for kids and women.  Amazing clothing and super cute toys and bags.

We so hated to say goodbye to the beach.  But lots of work has to be done at home.  I have fortune cookies to make, and orders to ship.
But we  will be back soon Laguna!


Julie said...

Oh My it looks like you had such a great time Amy - all of you. Thats wonderful to see my friend. Little B looks to be getting alot taller too. Oh that doll is so you - yes I definately would've chosen that for you. Have a great week x0x0

Diana Mieczan said...

So happy you had a great time and all the photos make me daydream of beach vacation:) Ah, summer is here! Kisses, darling. xo

Rhonda said...

Now this makes me want to move to California EVEN MORE THAN EVER. Lucky gal, it looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Yes to skipping Disney, waiting in long lines is no vacation to me.

Happy to know soon I will be in La Jolla, California this summer!!

Gail said...

looks like a great break Amy the cute little doll !
Gail x

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Looks like a perfect day! And why was I not surprised to see the photo of your son sound asleep at the end? LOL

Art @ Home said...

Amy, I Love seeing your beach photos. It's been so long since we've been to the beach! You are a lucky duck.

The shops you visited sound fun!!! I want to go shopping somewhere fun, too. :)

I hope you're having a wonderful summer (it looks like y'all are) and a great Father's Day celebration.