Friday, January 17, 2014

Spring like

For the past week I have been sewing my little fingers off.

Fun little springy, valentine items.

These iced lollies are so fun.  Perfect for birthday party displays, valentine, spring, summer oh so many possibilities.
I got wrapped up in making them yesterday and wouldn't stop until I got a set for a picture to share.

Then I was given this amazing vintage cotton shabby chic fabric and it was calling my name to use it.  I miss the way cotton used to be made.  So incredibly soft.  It just has way of making you feel like a kid again.
Well I decided to make some shabby chic stars with it and they would be perfect little teething toys.  So soft and lightly stuffed for easy grabbing by little hands.
I think I will also string some into mobiles.
And I want to make x-large ones for toss pillows.

Then it was back to my mood blanket in the evenings.  It is really coming along.  The second row is almost finished.

I have been thumbing through some of my old magazines and books for inspiration, trying to get back in the swing of creating after such a long break.  It is good to be refreshed and ready to try new things.


Rhonda said...

I agree, fresh new ideas always bring me back to life! I am loving these soft new creations. Those stars and lollipops are so SWEET.

Julie said...

Hi Amy - I am loving your new creations ... the fabrics you have chosen for the iced lollies are gorgeous :-) Over here we call them ice blocks :-)
And your stars are just beautiful - I love that vintage fabric. I am so glad you are creating again as I rely on you for inspiration x0x

Diana Mieczan said...

Oh boy, I love the lollies and the stars. Beautiful darling. Have a great day creating. xoxo