Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Back Burner

I just noticed how it had been a week since I last posted.

This blog kinda gets put on the back burner now.  I have so much on my plate these days with trying to research and find a new fit for my boy.
He is doing great at the transition classes for the most part.  Some teachers are more caring than others, but that is just the story of life.
Some classes are not near challenging enough and he is bored after the first 20 minutes.  His mind is great, and it must be filled at all times with happy, inviting, challenging work.  He thrives on learning new things.
Giving him a sheet of paper to trace letters is not going to cut it...it has been writing on his own too long to go backwards.
So we will roll with the punches and keep our heads up.

Today 2 moms reached out to me after my boys teacher told me he was bored after 25 minutes and said it was time to take him home.  The moms introduced themselves and just happened to ask how I was.  Which was interesting, cause that never happens here, people keep to themselves.
Turns out these 2 moms with daughters in my boys class have autistic boys.
It was like they just knew to reach out to me.  My boy went off and played with their girls and we spoke for an hour.  It was a change that was meant to be in my life.  To pull him from private school, I have already met more moms in a week that in 12 years of living here.  And moms that have the understanding of what it is like everyday to live with a special needs child.
Well my mind was blown.  Life works in mysterious ways.

While I sit and wait for him in school, I crochet or sew.  But I don't have time for much else outside of that time.  Like I said, he has a mind that needs challenges.  We work on school work and craft time at home to keep his mind busy.  This set is my favorite for the week.  The task was to draw something red, he drew spiderman, plus sounded out the writing of spiderman...S-P-Y-derman  gotta love it.  Then on to his counting and writing.  He has come so far so fast.

Ever wonder what I look like while shopping for quilt fabrics...yeah me too.
Apparently he thought he would snap some very unflattering shots of me.
Note to self, by pants that fit. #losttoomuchweight

Otherwise still working on my crochet mood blanket and it is coming along lovely.  I decided I will add some crochet hearts to some of the squares.
Crocheting black hearts today for those who don't do reds and pinks ;)

And my biggest accomplishment of the weekend, if you follow me on Instagram @vintagemarketp you saw this.
When I was around 5 years old my grandmother crocheted this polar bear for me.(the one on the right)  Yes I still have it and it has been loved til his eyes disappeared.  Anyway, I have never crocheted a doll or animal before, but Mollie Makes Magazine printed a polar bear pattern and I had to give it a whirl.  I didn't have a hook or yarn to match what it called for but dove in anyway.  After some tweaking and stitching it came out.
So here it was 35 years later I have made my polar bear for my 5 year old.
Pretty stinkin' special.

Also this weekend I was able to do a bit of sewing.  I have needed a needle case forever and now that I craft on the go I really needed a place to store my pins and needles.  I got inspired to make more and I hope to find time (yeah right) to list them in my etsy.  Otherwise I am selling them on IG and here.  if you are interested email me.
I will post better pictures this week of each page.


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I think it is so great that you met up with the 2 mothers at school...sometimes we can feel so alone, like we are the only ones dealing with something. It's just nice to have someone who really understands. Love all of your creations, especially that sweet polar bear!

Gail Thayer said...

Amazing and sad to me that teacher's can't keep a child busy in school! Time for them to move over and let someone qualified handle the job.
I'm so glad you're meeting friends who can relate, it can make all the difference to know that you're not alone....and rest assured, you're not!
Hang in there my friend.

Kate said...

Love being part of your journey Amy. You are a beautiful soul. wishing you many more of those moments and days where someone will reach out to you. Much Love Kate xoxo

Julie said...

Oh Amy I am so glad those Mums chatted with you - like you said, it seems meant to be that these things happen at just the right time often. You are looking VEERRRY thin my friend - you have lost loads of weight. But Oh those needlecases ... be still my beating heart!! They are just gorgeous. Cant wait to see the pictures of each page - you are so clever x0x0

NuminosityBeads said...

That's so great that you have found some supportive company. What a difference that can make.
I'm just amazed at the twists and turns your life journey has made since I started following your blog.
You're amazing and what a lucky boy your son is to have you.
I love the shots he took!

Diana Mieczan said...

So totally special and both bears are adorable!!! Plus, how awesome that you met those 2 moms...It's always wonderful to talk to someone who knows exactly what you are going through. I am so happy for you, lovely. Btw: how adorable is that S-P-Y-derman? LOVE. xoxo

Rhonda said...

I know how you feel about people keeping to themselves. If it weren't for blog friends I would have practically no one to chat with. What is that about out here?

I am so happy those other mothers talked to you, how wonderful.

Okay, those bears are adorable. You are amazing at creating all of this you've shown us. Busy gal.

BTW, your son takes amazing pictures! Must get it from his momma. xo