Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer of Fun

It is HOT here already 111* coming this week.

To live and get through summer we are focusing on doing new things and finding fun.

The boy attended his first "CAMP" last week.  Art Camp.  It was a full week of learning about artists and doing their own versions of the famous works.
It was a learning experience for me and my boy.  While all the other moms got the freedom of kissing and dropping their kids off for 3 hrs, I was the only mom that had to stay and hover. When you have a child with special needs, no matter how much you want them to be part of the crowd, it becomes so apparent when you are in a camp full of typicals that your child is definitely not typical.  Let me tell ya, those feelings of jealousy for the other families come roaring in and it takes ya down a rabbit hole.  We had our ups and downs and it was a long week.  But overall I am so glad we did it and that he really did learn some things, Like he can't stop talking about Andy Warhol.  A big thank you to Mary Beth and Dave for having us to Art Camp.  

With this learning experience for the both of us, we are trying hard to get him into more and more activities to learn to be around others and how to socialize with others properly.  And hopefully get him back to where he was a year ago before the public school system let us down.  My boy used to be the first one in a room to say hello and make a friend.  Now, it is hard to even get him in the room.  Bullying and being treated differently by his old classmates and staff really took a toll.

So I am always happy to find a new place for him to explore and find a bit of happiness.  Yesterday we stumbled on to CAMP MACYS.  We had to run to the mall to fix my hubbys watch and it was at just the time that Macys was hosting a "CAMP" for kids.  Storytime around the campfire, arts and crafts, dance party, photo booth and prizes! all for free.  He had a great time.  And I loved the slogan  ALL ARE WELCOME.  It really made him feel he could be himself and fit in.

With the slogan of our summer "SUMMER OF FUN"  we will be traveling to Cali this July to take an art class with one of our all time fav Artists Paul Frank.  I cannot wait to participate in this fun day of arts with my boy.  It is a dream come true. 

My goal is to make summer go by fast and be one of the most memorable for him.

Oh we are also into the Summer Reading program at our library.   It is very disappointing this year.  Sad to see they are really cutting corners and not doing any great activities or story related days.  We always look forward to the summer reading program.  I guess we will just make it fun for ourselves and set our own goals and activities.

As for me I am still crocheting the evenings away.

I am done making cacti for now and have moved on to making floral garlands.  I have a huge stash of yarn from a previous project last year.  It is yarn I don't usually work with and would not have a use for it in a typical project of mine.  But it works great for brightly colored layered floral garlands.  I should have this stash thinned in just a few days if I keep this up.  I am thinking of bundling them and selling them in my etsy shop...totally fun bohemian summer decor.

Well, this is the kick off to our summer and we have a big surprise coming later today.  I have to get off this computer and get ready.

More to come, summer of fun!!!

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Julie said...

Great post Amy ... I am so glad you are having the summer of fun. Your temps sure are high already ... seems odd as I cart loads of firewood inside & keep the house warm. Little B is not quite so little anymore. He is growing up into such a handsome young boy. I am so glad you are finding the Camps are great for him. Also happy to see you are creating up a storm - those floral garlands are just beautiful, can just see them strung around things. Happy days to you my friend x0x